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When we started the company back in 2006 our goal was to create as much value as we could through the services we offer. We wanted something that wasn’t complicated and that we and those close to us could use ourselves. After some time of reflecting we decided in no specific order four things we wanted from our mortgage company: friendly people to talk to, loan officers that know their trade, competitive pricing and great service that can move our loan quickly from start to finish. We felt if we could maintain these values as a company we’d have company that we would be proud of.

After being in business for almost 15 years I’m happy to say we’ve been able to maintain these values and are ready to take the next step in our journey of being known by more people. We’re certainly not without our challenges and we’ve certainly made our share of mistakes, but we’re confident our experiences have only made us stronger and more prepared to serve our clients well.

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Company Mission:

Our mission at Sprint Funding is to provide each customer with the most relevant information, specific to their situation and needs, so they can make the right decision about their next loan.


At Sprint Funding we believe in the concept of servant leadership. It’s a biblical principle that’s been well tested.One thing we aim for is to create an environment where people of all talents can come and cultivate their gifts to impact the world around them. Our motto is one relationship at a time. We believe if we can help others succeed, the success of our company is inevitable. Even as a lender, it’s our hope that we can be a blessing, so in turn, those we bless can be a blessing to others. We’re convinced this all starts with a servant’s heart. With that said, we’re excited to serve you; and with all the enthusiasm we can muster we


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