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A bridge loan is a short-term loan used until a person or company secures permanent financing or removes an existing obligation.

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Secure Bridge Loans for Business and Real Estate

Sprint Funding offers accessible, hassle-free loans like commercial bridge loans for single family homes.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, all bridge loan services are still not available and have yet to come back. Contact us for more information.

As a bridge loan investor, we can help make critical components of your business available like purchasing reliable equipment, maintaining cash flow year-round, cover immediate expenses like bills, and provide financing to your customers through the equity in your investment properties.

We can help you purchase a new home while you are in the process of selling your old one.

We do this by bridging the gap between the sales price of your new home and your new mortgage when you haven’t sold your old home yet and you have to close the purchase on your new home.

We help make these happen for businesses and real estate investors who need fast funding through a bridge loan financing.

What is a Bridge Loan?

Bridge Loan - Sprint Funding

A bridge loan is a short-term loan (usually 1-12 months) with short-term plans that provides faster financing.

It can be used for bridging the gap between the shortage of funds and business expenses or used to purchase a new home while in the process of selling your current home.

It is a temporary financing facility providing short-term funding while you are processing or waiting for a permanent loan or until a current debt obligation is removed.

A bridge loan is generally offered by traditional banks, small banks, community banks and credit unions, alternative and non-traditional lenders.

It takes a relatively shorter time to process compared to traditional loans and can be repaid at the end of the term or in a series of daily, weekly, or monthly payments.

Interest rates are generally higher usually ranging from 8-20% but can be much bigger depending on the type and terms.

We at Sprint Funding can help you get the money you need with a bridge loan for your immediate expenses for your business or new homeownership while you wait for other financings to come through.

The main way that can help you secure a bridge loan is by leveraging single-family investment properties.

How Will a Commercial Bridge Loan Help?

Sprint Funding offers commercial bridge loans for those that need cash flow in a short timeframe.

If you’re seeking ways to bridge your current financial needs, we can help you with a commercial bridge loan to secure your resources to grow your business, provided that you put up an investment property.

Average Fees for Bridge Loans

Rates will vary depending on the lender as well as location. Changes in interest rates can also affect this.

Typically there’s a loan origination fee and the cost is based on the amount of the loan.

What is a Residential Bridge Loan?

Bridge Financing - Sprint Funding Sprint Funding is a residential bridge loan lender that can ease your financial burden when you need to pay a down payment for your new home and your existing home is not yet sold.

We offer bridge loans that you can use as a down payment on your new home so you can sleep soundly at night without having to worry about it.

Typically, the rate for a residential bridge loan will be about 2% higher than for a 30-year, standard fixed-rate mortgage.

The residential bridge loan that we offer allows homeowners or real estate developers these benefits:

Purchasing of commercial real estate and/or development of a commercial real estate
Using the equity from your current home to help you make an offer on a new one, without rushing to sell.

Roll the mortgages of two houses together, giving the buyer flexibility as they wait for their old house to sell.

A bridge loan can help you secure funding to facilitate the transition to a new home — like for a down payment or mortgage payments.

You can pay back the bridge loan with the proceeds once your current home sells.

A Bridge loan can afford you the freedom to move on your own terms and secure a new house when you need to, without having to wait for your old house to sell if you need to move within a specific timeframe.

A Bridge Loan can help you move to a new house faster while home improvements at the house you’re selling are being done to increase your home’s value.

What is a Small Business Bridge Loan?

Bridge Loan Rate - Sprint FundingThe U.S. SBA (Small Business Administration) is an independent agency of the federal government with a mission to help Americans start, build, and grow businesses.

They assist, counsel, and provide financial aid to protect the interests of small businesses.

The Express Bridge Loan helps small businesses cope up with the temporary loss of revenue that they may be experiencing and can bridge the gap while they are applying for an SBA Economic Injury Disaster Loan.

A small business that needs cash urgently may qualify for an SBA Express bridge loan while waiting for the decision and disbursement of an EIDL.

Basic eligibility requirements:

  • Be an operating business
  • Be organized for profit
  • Located in the United States
  • Be small under the size requirements:
    – Government companies with as much as $35.5 million in sales and 1,500 employees depending on the industry.
    – Outside government, companies with less than $7 million in sales and less than 500 employees
  • Be able to demonstrate a need for the desired credit

Terms for the SBA Express Bridge Loan:

  • Up to $25,000
  • Fast turnaround
  • Will be repaid in full or in part from the EIDL Loan proceeds.

General Requirements and Guidelines for a Bridge Loan

We spelled out the general requirement and guidelines for you to secure a commercial bridge loan for your business.

Our dedicated loan specialists will be happy to assist and answer any questions you would have regarding these requirements or guidelines:

  • Interest Rate: typically 8-20%
  • Terms: 1-12 months
  • Funding Amounts: Can range from $50,000 on the low end up to $50,000,000 (based on the capital resources of the loan lender)
  • Time to fund: 3-10 days
  • Repayments: Single balloon payment, monthly, daily, and weekly
  • Collateral required: Usually the value of the property
  • Time in business: 6 months or more
  • Types of businesses funded: All types
  • Financial Information needed: Income, assets, other real estate or business owned, existing debts, and the like, basic information about the property, and other documentation as deemed necessary.

Please note that bridge loans have higher interest rates and transaction costs that we offset with the speed and ease of obtaining your bridge loan.

Why Secure a Bridge Loan with Sprint Funding?

Sprint Funding is a certified bridge loan lender that offers a simple and fast online application process for any type of bridge loan.

Our dedicated and straightforward loan specialists will help you determine if bridge loan financing is right for you.

They will make the process very easy for you to understand letting you know exactly what will happen. We take the time to understand your needs and align them with our bridge loan services.

With our phenomenal service, once you submit all the necessary requirements for a bridge loan, you will get a decision approval within 24 hours.

After the approval, funds will be deposited into your account in no time.

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